About Us

The Royal Society of St.George Singapore is a fund-raising and social group

here in Singapore which provides a meeting place for English expats and

those in Singapore with an affinity to England and/or that which is definably


The Royal Society of St.George Singapore provides an instant gateway to

English traditions and culture, offers social opportunities whilst simultaneously

raising money for Singapore charities and those less fortunate.

Throughout the 1980's, 90's and early 00's the Society was an active social

group, organizing multiple events celebrating events such as St.George's Day

and the annual ball on Trafalgar Night as well as more casual gatherings such

as Pub Quiz nights and Get-Away weekend breaks.

By the end of the 00's membership numbers started to decline and eventually

events were temporarily suspended.

Our Society President Mr. Robert Adamberry felt it was necessary to

reinvigorate the Society with a younger generation of Committee members to

represent the dynamic and strong bond between the Society and the

community in Singapore.

Under the Presidents guidance a new generation of St.George's leaders have

come on board to promote the Society and kickstart events with the aim of boosting membership and in turn the fund raising the Society creates for charitable donation.

Our new committee members all have a long established relationship with our home nation of Singapore with the majority of the committee having been brought up in our little Red Dot.

Directly Supporting the Society's President are our new Joint Vice-Presidents Paul Adamberry as well as local media personality Paul Foster. Both Vice-Presidents are motivated to work with the Society and it's members to create an active community, with varied events and fund raising activities that are fun and inclusive and promote both our English and Singaporean bonds. Both Vice-Presidents reside permanently in Singapore and are both Alumni of Tanglin Trust School and the United World College of South East Asia.

Our new Social Chairman, Craig Bennett, another former UWC Alumni has also joined the Societies Management Committee with the aim to guide membership activities and social events.

Royal Society of St.George


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